Our Story


Our teamwork approach to floral and event design believes each designer brings a different creative strength to the table. We work together to craft timeless and original floral creations for our client’s style and vision.

Our History


To understand the foundation of Anna Rose Floral and Event design, we have to start with the love affair between Nicholas and Anna Rose. Married in 1955 and together for decades, Nicholas and Anna Rose founded Nicholas Markets – a group of local New Jersey grocery stores.


Anna Rose, a classic beauty, became the heart of the business upon her husband’s passing.


We honor her memory with the creation of Anna Rose Floral Design & Events. Providing timeless beauty in the form of flowers at Nicholas Markets, as well as at the Anna Rose Floral & Design Boutique. Linking Nicholas’ and Anna Rose’s love for lifetimes to come.

Values & Honey Bees

Our company was founded on the memory of our fiercely independent and classically beautiful grandmother, Anna Rose. In keeping with tradition, we are a woman owned-and-operated small business focused on sustainability and community development, while providing a healthy, happy environment for our employees and customers.


We love flowers so much we have honey bees. Seriously! We have sixteen rooftop hives in Northern New Jersey, providing critical pollination to our local community. Honey Bees are responsible for cross-pollinating 80% of flowering crops. Entire plant species rely on pollination to grow. We’re trying, in our own small way, to contribute to creating an ecofriendly and environmentally sound future for our community.


We sell wonderful honey, hand lotion and lip balm made from our very own Honey Bees!

Our Team

A collective of designers with over sixty years of floral design experience.

Nancy Maniaci

Nancy Maniaci

Merchandise Manager

Janet Favaro

Janet Favaro

Designer & Event Consultant

Nancy & Alexa Maniaci

The visionaries of Anna Rose